Posted November 5, 2021 at 9:49 AM

Sorry this is the update y'all weren't looking, but it has been really nice just focusing on this graphic novel and not stressing out over Patrik in my free time.

Hope y'all understand, if anything, use this time to reread the comic or check your fav booksellers for copies of Garlic & the Vampire... 

Update 1/7/2022: Have you ever taken a break from something and when you try to start up again, you can't? Because there's nothing in the engine. You had been running on fumes for years and the tank is empty.

That's my current situation with Patrik...

I am trying to get a page done and I'm just pushing pixels around. And the guilt of not getting a page done isn't enough of a motivator. I simply have very lil passion for this story at the moment as I'm getting a lot of creative fullfillment from other projects. I feel stuck with Patrik the Vampire because I would like to continue, but in order to there'd either need to be a BIG CHANGE in format (because drawing these characters has become such a chore) or I just....simply move on.

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