Patrik Dokiychuk (see page 3 for full name)

Birthday: November 18, 1263

Enjoys knitting, baking cookies, and sometimes, if in a bad mood, ripping out people's throats.

Becky Stevens

Birthday: January 12, 1996

A barista at the local coffee shop. Not exactly the brightest, but she has her moments.


Birthday: Unknown

Patrik's cat. Beware: she's more likely to bite you than Patrik.

Lara Richardson

Birthday: June 11, 1909

Lives in flat with her grandmother next to Patrik. Prefers reading to talking to people.

Rose Richardson

Birthday: September 24, 1841

Lara's grandmother. Enjoys knitting, gossip, and flirting with handsome men.

Brian Bandonato

Birthday: March 24, 1994

The prime example of small dog syndrome mixed with Bad Boy™ (kind of).

Xavier "Smith"

Birthday: April 3, 1004

An old friend of Patrik's, a bit of a father figure.

Lilly Patel

Birthday: November 9, 1995

Goes to school with Becky and frequents the coffee shop Becky works at.

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